Top Reasons to Visit Bermuda

With a permanent population of less than 100,000 people, Bermuda is almost a large family of friendly and hospitable people. This provides strong appeal for the tourism industry as the Bermudians make it easy to leave all your cares behind and to really relax.

Fun and Relaxation

Bermuda beach footsteps

For most tourists, Bermuda calls because of its beautiful pink sandy beaches, the fact that there are wonderful opportunities to snorkel and see the most amazing marine life and to swim in the turquoise sea, and of course, not to forget the paradise beneath the sea that awaits visiting divers with coral reefs and even a shipwreck or two.

Considered one of the top vacation destinations in the world, Bermuda is created for the tourist who loves the sea and sand and for the tourist who wants to explore. You will be welcomed to the islands by the warmest and friendliest people the world over, and the fact that Bermuda is peaceful and safe, is bonus.

For the explorer, Bermuda is perfect. It is possible to travel by bus or by moped although tourists are not allowed to rent cars. There is the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo in Hamilton parish with opportunities to see the marine life, tropical birds, turtles and seals and for children, there are even hands-on displays available. There may also be opportunities to attend the kite-flying festival at Horseshoe Bay if you are there at the right time of year (near Easter usually). For adventurers interested in the maritime history, a visit to the Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandy’s Parish is a must and it is possible to view the fortifications built by British convicts in the 1820s. There is even the Bermuda Maritime Museum and a visit there will allow you to delve into Bermuda’s nautical history.

Old World Charm

If you want exposure to a little old world charm, arguably the perfect location is St. George’s island with quaint homes and even a town square! The history of Bermuda is retained beautifully and dotted throughout the island and a visit to Fort St. Catherine is also a must. This restored fort took more than 200 years to build and the guides there are a fount of information about Bermudian history.

The 17th century architecture in Bermuda is a sight to behold. With winding roads hemmed in by homes in a variety of architectural displays, walking through Bermuda is literally like taking a journey into the past. And the care and attention of the Bermudian people confirms the notion that chivalry is not dead, at least in Bermuda.

If you want a getaway that will leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed, a visit to Bermuda is in order. This mixture of past and present, sea and land, old world charm and new world reality (Bermuda is on of the best connected countries in the world) will bowl you over and leave you wanting more.

Something for everyone

For the snorkeler, Bermuda offers access to numerous coral reefs in relatively shallow crystal clear waters. A popular destination for snorkeling is Church Bay. For the serious diver, there are many underwater wreck sites to explore as well, although it is advised that some guidance is sought about the details for this. It is common that diving packages are offered as part of the holiday package and if you are specifically going to Bermuda to dive, these may offer better and more secure options, particularly if it is your first time there.

Bermuda diver

For the family tourists, visits to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo will be fulfilling and a particular highlight is the Bermuda Maritime Museum. This museum oozes history about the peoples who have landed on the Bermudian shores and their means of travel as well.

Random visits may also be made to the lighthouses that dot the Bermuda coast and if possible, sneak in a visit to the Crystal Caves that impress with mighty stalactites and a scattering of saltwater pools.

From a cultural perspective, tourists will have exposure to Calypso music and Reggae, which reflect the Jamaican influence in Bermuda. For the young at heart, the thrill of listening to this music in its original setting is something of an experience and many relaxing evenings can be spent filling up on this unique auditory pleasure. Linked discretely to this is the opportunity to view colourful Gombey Dancers perform.

For the movie buff, Bermuda hosts its annual international film festival with a focus on independent films. It is advised that reference is made to travel agents for details about the specific time of year for this event.

Avid shoppers are not left high and dry. There are a variety of local handicraft and artwork that is available with the specialties being hand-carved cedar sculptures and water colours painted by local artists. One such artist who is internationally recognized for his impressionistic landscapes is Alfred Birdsey

Another unique handiwork is the traditional Bermudian kite that is made into colourful geometric designs and used during Good Friday each year to signify the asset of Christ.

For sports enthusiasts, there is exposure to cricket, rugby, football and yachting. The last of these is of particular interest with the Newport-Bermuda Yacht Race held annually.

Investment Opportunities

There are several appeals to investing in Bermuda. The best reason is that there are no taxes on corporate and personal income there. This means that any income that is derived from Bermuda is not taxable. Also there are no currency controls for expatriates in Bermuda. What does this mean? You can freely and easily take your money into and out of Bermuda with absolutely no hassle at all.

It must also be emphasized that Bermuda has the third highest per capita income in the world, and its tourism industry and banking and financial services industries are booming. The fact that the Bermudian currency is pegged to the US Dollar is icing on the cake. All these factors support the notion that Bermuda is a safe haven for financial and property investments.

For most people living in the United States and Europe, Bermuda is a short flight away and consequently if you are looking for an international investment that is easily accessible, there is a particular appeal to be derived from this destination.

The opportunities to invest in Bermuda are multifarious and as you explore investments into local and international equities as well as hedge funds and deposits you can consider Bermuda as a serious option. The other option for people interested in tangles is to invest in property there.

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