Variety of Options to Travel to Bermuda

There are a variety of options to travel to Bermuda including flying or boating or, if the wallet allows, a cruise into Bermuda would be the ultimate.

Getting to Bermuda by air is relatively easy particularly from the United States. For people on the east coast, Bermuda is literally a hop, skip and jump away. The popular US airlines that serve Bermuda include America Airlines that offers a non-stop flight from New York; Continental with non-stop flights from Newark; and Delta flights are non-stop from two locations, Atlanta and Boston. Other potentially cheaper options include Jet Blue out of JFK in New York and Boston; and US Airways that has flights out of Philadelphia and Washington. There are also seasonal flights available by US Airways from North Carolina and USA 3000 from Baltimore and Washington. From people coming in from Canada, Air Canada is the obvious choice and European passengers may explore most of the major European airlines for flight schedules and rates.

Finding Great Airline Deals

American Airlines Planes

In finding great airline deals, the trick is to get tickets at least 14 days before departure and some local airlines such as Delta, American, US Airways and Northwest Airlines have a policy that allows you to purchase a ticket early, and if the fare drops for the same flight on the same dates, you can contact the airline to ask for a voucher for the difference. This can then be redeemed for future travel.

A lesser-known option is, if you are travelling in a group, to charter a flight into and from Bermuda. Apple Vacations and TNT Vacations in the US offer this service but these are very much subject to availability and should be checked first.

Clearly flying into Bermuda should not be difficult and what with the competitive rates that are offered by the airlines, planning early and exploring the different rates and promotions that are available is wise.

Things to Consider

When purchasing flight tickets, ensure that return tickets are purchased, as in Bermuda, the immigration officials will ask to see the return ticket. This is to ensure that you donít get so caught up with life in Bermuda that you decide to make it your permanent home, without consulting them of course!

If booked into a hotel, you may want to check whether they offer complimentary ground transfers to and from the hotel to the airport. There are also many airport shuttle companies that offer transport to the hotel of your choice for a small fee, and it is easy to consider this option when you land. The obvious means is to use the taxis which are plentiful at the airport.

Yachting to Bermuda

If you have the luxury of considering a yachting trip to Bermuda, then time is essence. It is estimated that the cross over from the US mainland can take approximately three weeks during the summer. Travel at other times of year may be fraught with difficulty for the untrained seaman having to deal with noríeasters and hurricanes. Also as you boat in closer to Bermuda, there is a lot of floating debris to look out for. Close lookout is critical as there are many reports of collisions with solid objects, some of them resulting in fatality.

If yachting in, remember that the yacht will have to be cleared by Bermuda Customs and Immigration in St George and there are strict requirements to satisfy in communicating with the authorities. However it may be a worthwhile consideration, taking into account that accommodation matters will be sorted out and docking fees are minimal.

Cruise to Bermuda

The ultimate in pampering however must be to take a cruise to Bermuda. Serviced by several cruise lines, if you use this route, you could do so from New York, Boston, South Florida or even the Caribbean. Again, depending on your budget, there are a variety of options available in terms of cruise line companies and packages. The idea is to start the holiday as quickly as possible by sunning yourself on the deck of a cruise ship, partying till dawn at the often amazing clubs available and enjoying the food, glorious food that come as part of your package. Do check where the cruise ship will dock and consider arranging your accommodation as close to that as possible. Most cruise lines now dock at the Royal Naval Dockyard and smaller ships in Hamilton and St George. Regardless of where the cruise ship docks however, there is always easy access to travel around the islands by ferry.

Bermuda diver

You can use the internet as a means to check cruise lines that travel to Bermuda and the duration that it will take. Also read the details of the packages available to ensure that you can get the best deal possible. Most cruise line companies have travel schedules and itineraries available on their website and this is a fount of information.

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