Historic Tour in St. Georges Bermuda

If you come in onboard a cruise ship, you may only have limited time in Bermuda. While it is likely that the cruise ship will dock either at Hamilton or Kingís Wharf, you may want to consider taking a taxi ride to St Georgeís to see as much of this quaint little city as possible.

This location will allow you to find a nice balance between time at Elbow Beach or Warwick Long Bay and time to potter about this little locality with its feet firmly in the past. Must-sees on this short trip will include :

First stop : Kingís Square

This 200-year old Square in the centre of St Georgeís is certainly worth a visit, with its replica of a pillory and stocks.

Second stop : The Town Hall

This is a beautiful antiquated building with a variety of displays for the tourist including pictures of previous Lord Mayors and it will also be possible to view a multimedia presentation, called the Bermuda Journey which is shown there several times daily.

Third stop : Ordnance Island

This is just a short walk from the square and you will be able to view a replica of the Deliverance, the vessel that was built to carry the shipwrecked passengers of the Sea Venture home. There is also the ducking stool, an interesting sight and make sure to find out what it is used for!

Fourth Stop : Bridge House

Used to house the former Governors of Bermuda, this home is grandly decorated in antiques and has an art gallery and souvenir shop for intrepid shoppers. Built in 1690, this is a Bermudian testament to the quality of craftsmanship and good architecture.

Fifth Stop : Old State House

From Kingís Street, walk east towards the Old State House which is the oldest stone building in Bermuda and once used to house the Bermudian Parliament. This building is on Princess Street.

Sixth Stop : The Unfinished Church

Originally intended as a replacement to St Peterís Church, work started on this cathedral in 1874 but had to stop due to financial difficulties and conflict amongst its Anglican congregation. It still stands in its original form and is a testament to the history of this little island.

Seventh Stop : St Peterís Church

Another church worth visiting, this one is complete and is believed to be the oldest Anglican church in the Western hemisphere and it is still in use today. It is interesting to walk through the churchís cemetery and read some of the headstones that go back as far as 300 years! The St Peterís Church that you see was actually built in 1713 and a tower was added to in 1814, a hundred years later.

Eighth Stop : Barberís Alley

These road is of historical relevance to the Bermudians. Barberís Alley is in honor of Joseph Hayne Rainey, a former slave, who fled to Bermuda at the outbreak of civil war in America. While in Bermuda, he became a barber in St Georgeís and after the civil war, he returned to South Carolina and was elected into the U.S. House of Representatives as the first African American to serve in Congress in 1870.

Ninth Stop : Bermuda National Trust Museum

This is worth a visit if for nothing but to view the artifacts that still exist and are housed at the museum. Beautifully restored, this building used to be the Globe Hotel and was then converted into the headquarters for the Confederate representative in Bermuda, Major Norman Walker.

Tenth Stop : Somers Garden

The admiral of the Sea Venture, Sir George Somers, who founded Bermuda for the Virginia Company in 1612 is considered an important figure in the history of Bermuda. His heart is buried at Somers Garden. These gardens were officiated by the Prince of Wales in 1920 and today houses a variety of tropical and other plants.

In the midst of all this activity, make time to take a break for a meal and a great stop for this would be at the White Horse Tavern. This restaurant is just next to St Georgeís Harbor and was the home of John Davenport, a notorious miser in Bermuda. He used to conduct his dry goods business from White Horse Tavern and upon his death, they found more than £75,000 worth of gold and silver in his cellar!

A day spent doing all these things in Bermuda will leave you exhausted but enchanted and as you make your way back onboard the cruise ship, wave a fond farewell to the little island on the Atlantic Ocean that allowed you to catch a clear glimpse of its history.

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Historic Tour in St. George

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