Bermuda Weather and Climate

Because the warm waters of the Gulf Stream pass near Bermuda, the climate is subtropical. Mild in winter, spring and fall, but in summer from late May to October it can get uncomfortably hot. Combine that with especially high humidity.

Usually the Gulf Stream tempers Bermuda's ocean winds, but when the south winds reign the ocean, humidity rises and thunderstorms can sweep by. In the months July and August, humidity reaches it highest and sometimes unpleasant level. So if you can't stand the heat or humidity try to visit in May, June or late September to October when the water temperatures also drop a little.

You don't have to be afraid for cold weather in those months, because the temperatures rarely drop below 55 F or exceed 90F. The lowest air temperature in Bermuda ever recorded was 43.6F. The highest temperature recorded was 94F. In winter, the water temperatures are much the same as the air temperature.

Bermuda moves into "Hurricane Season" from June through November, each year. There are people who won't visit Bermuda during these months, because of fear a hurricane might hit. But actually, Bermuda isn't really affected that much by hurricanes as they usually pass by the island no closer than about 60 or 70 miles if they come that way at all.

Just in case a hurricane might sweep across the island, the tourism industry is well prepared. Hotels, guest houses, even private homes are constructed out of island coral or cement brick. They are built so strong to withstand any possibility of high winds. Usually storm destruction is limited to falling branches. Some of the more serious damage can happen to boats and yachts which may break away if not properly secured.

One reason why Bermuda is usually lush in foliage and greenery, despite the lack of alkali in the soil, is because there is annually enough rainfall to support health and growth. There is no monsoon or rainy season because Bermuda is not in the Caribbean. Some months are inclined to be wetter than others while other months can be devoid of much rain.

Bermuda Flower

People who suffer hay fever can safely visit Bermuda because rag weed does not exist in Bermuda and the pollens of other weeds that might cause allergic reaction are quickly blown out to sea. But keep in mind that because of the always humid climate mold can breed quickly, just as mildew and mites. If you have a lower intolerance for or have allergic reactions to mold, mildew and mites, you have to keep in mind that some pharmaceuticals you can usually purchase without prescription elsewhere, require prescriptions in Bermuda from registered local medical doctors. Not all drugstores in Bermuda are licensed dispensing pharmacies, so you might have to visit one in Hamilton or St. George.

No matter what garment from your wardrobe you select, whether it be functional travel attire or elegant attire for the evening, make sure you only pack clothing made of lightweight fabric and natural fibers such as silks, light cottons and linens. They serve the dual purpose of being breathable in the warm weather without clinging to you like a damp cloth and providing comfort for lounging.

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