The Most Common Ways to Get Around Bermuda

There are a variety of transportation means available to get around Bermuda. Depending on your circumstances, your budget, whether you are travelling with children and a host of other factors, you can make your decision based on the options that are available.


This is an excellent way to travel if you are moving around with your family and lugging items that will be required for daily travel. The taxi drivers in Bermuda are friendly and can give you information on just about anything that is happening in Bermuda. They make great unofficial guides and if you are lucky, you will bump into one taxi driver that you are happy with on your first day, and you can then make arrangements with him for transportation for the remainder of your stay in Bermuda.

Taxis may however be an expensive way to travel if you are on a shoestring budget although all taxis in Bermuda are metered at government-set rates.

If you opt for a taxi tour, select a taxi with a blue card at the front window. This signifies that the driver is a certified tourism specialist and that you will definitely get your value for money from this travelling guide.


Bermuda has a reliable public transport system and the buses there ply their routes on set schedules. Painted colorfully, these buses are hard to miss and their routes cover the entire island. Before planning a journey by bus, consider asking your hotel for bus tickets or bus tokens to travel and you can take a package for these depending on the number of days you will be there. If you opt to pay cash, you will be required to produce exact change when boarding the bus. As with most countries, the buses are packed during peak hour therefore since you are on holiday, you may want to consider travelling at non-peak hours.

In terms of bus tours, the option is to get on the St Georgeís Mini-Bus Service that provides one-hour tours of the St Georgeís but this is not all year round. This service is only available when there are cruise ships docked in the harbor.


The ferry is an alternative means of traveling around Bermuda. All ferries depart from the Ferry Terminal located on Front Street in Hamilton. In order to board a ferry you will be required to produce a transport pass, or ticket or token. Surprisingly, travelling by ferry may be faster than travelling on road to certain destinations!


These are a common sight in Bermuda and is an ideal form of transport to explore the winding lanes and roads that form the islandís transportation route. Speed limits are reasonable and in order to rent scooters in Bermuda, you must be above the age of 18 years, must wear a helmet for the duration of your travel in Bermuda on the scooter and you must remember that in Bermuda, they drive on the left-hand side of the road. No driverís license is required by the way!

If you opt to rent a scooter or a moped, it is always advisable to only use this during the day when the winding roads and sharp corners are clearly visible. It is recommended that you consider using a taxi after dark, in order to avoid any road accidents! It may be useful to point out that in Bermuda, there are an average of 30 road accidents involving scooters each month, so do be careful!


These too are a popular means of travel and if you love pedaling along and seeing the sights, this will be perfect. You will also get a great deal of exercise on this holiday if you opt for this means of travel what with the winding and hilly roads! When asking for a bicycle for rent in Bermuda, ask for a "pedal bike" which is the common term there.


There are many parts of Bermuda where walking may be the best plan. Within specific towns especially, the distances are very short and as such, walking may be a better alternative. However as you plan to do this, remember that traffic comes from the left and therefore you will need to take particular care when crossing roads. Also it is always advisable to walk facing traffic as there will be many times that you will find you are walking on the edge of the road. In Bermuda, there are very few pavements or sidewalks available for walkers and by walking facing oncoming traffic, you will always be able to keep an eye out on the road.

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