Yachting and Sailing in Bermuda

One of the options to consider when travelling to Bermuda is not to fly there but to arrive in style by sea. Depending on where you are travelling from, this can take anything from 3 days to about a week from nearby locations.

If this is an option that you are willing to consider, contact your local tour and travel agent to see what choices you have and the rates that are charged for this privilege. Most of these opportunities to sail into Bermuda are part of cruise ship operations and there are different choices for different budgets. What you will also need to remember if you choose to do this is that chances are, apart from the cruise itself, there will be about a three day stopover in Bermuda before your cruise back home. If you are planning to spend more time in Bermuda, exploring the sand and sea, this may not be a viable option.

If you already own your own vessel, it is imperative to check about the requirements for sailing into Bermuda. The two areas of focus should be dealing with the reefs as you sail in, and dealing with the immigration authorities at St. George’s Harbor as well. Clearing customs and immigration first must be your priority, and while the officials are very professional, it can be very difficult if you fail to declare items that must be declared.

Bermuda Sailing Boat

Bermuda Yacht Charters

There are many ways to get to Bermuda and one worth considering is to sail or yacht there. It is also possible to sail or yacht while you are in Bermuda and this too can be an amazing experience.

If you would like to consider yachting around Bermuda it will be worthwhile to consider renting yacht if you don’t have one of your own. The charter options in Bermuda provide you with the option of taking one that has its own crew, where you can skipper the yacht and have the support and assistance of an experienced crew. Alternatively, if you are not inclined to skipper the yacht on your own, it may be better to hire a skippered yacht.

If you have little or no experience renting a yacht, some useful tips include the fact that a skippered yacht service only allow you to suggest the itinerary that you would like to follow and then the captain and crew take over. You will be able to leave everything in their hands, and if you like and the captain is agreeably, you can occasionally lend a hand and perhaps even learn some yachting tricks.

If you are an experienced boatman, you will be able to save some money at the end of the day if you decide to skipper your own yacht however the initial deposit that you may have to pay for this facility will be higher, although these will be refunded when the yacht and you return safely to harbor.

If you are planning to take this route, it is always useful to established that you are an experienced boatman although it is likely, unless you have previous experience sailing around Bermuda, that you will have to familiarize yourself with the specifics of the area, its reefs and other details that may be critical as part of your Bermuda experience. Most yacht rental companies are very generous with this information and their brief will provide you with a vey useful and in depth guide.

There are a variety of yacht choices in Bermuda including dingies. These are small yachts and great for short trips out to sea. There are also mid-sized yachts known as pocket yachts that can be used over the weekend and comfortably house about 4 to 6 people. Cruisers, which are large yachts, allow you and a group of friends to spend many days at sea comfortably and always remember to pack your own food before setting sail.

In terms of charter company options, consider using the larger companies that have more options available, particularly if you are travelling with a large group. However if you want an intimate and more cost effective option, consider using a smaller charter company. If you are unfamiliar about how to charter a boat or yacht, it may be better to consult a charter broker who can assist you, for a small fee, to find the perfect fit.

Daily Rentals

If you would like to consider the option of yachting but are unfamiliar with the rules and whether you will end up liking the experience, the least expensive way of planning this adventure is by renting a yacht for a few hours. This is a practical approach and you can, as mentioned earlier, choose either to rent a skippered yacht with crew, or an un-skippered yacht with crew. Depending on the size of the yacht and the number of people onboard, the rates may vary.

Amongst the activities that you can plan on such trips is for a quick sail around Bermuda and if you are an avid fisherman, don’t forget your fishing gear! It is also possible to plan to water ski and dive if you are taking a yacht out and for that romantic evening under the setting sun, there is nothing like a yacht, some champagne and a little privacy out at sea.

Party Boats in Bermuda

If you are on holiday, then you must party. Not only can you do this on land in Bermuda, but there are actually party boat cruises available. These include sightseeing party boats, dinner cruises and of course, those alcohol tipped cruises that will leave you dizzy for reasons other than the sea.

If you are travelling with a group of friends, then this is a good experience in Bermuda as they have mastered the fine art of balancing the cruise experience with having a full on party with live music and a DJ, games and entertainment, and of course, copious amounts of alcohol.

If your group is large enough, it is even possible to rent party boats for a private experience. Commonly done in celebration of weddings and birthday parties, the corporate world has also cashed in on this by arranging party boat product launches and events for mass entertainment. To make renting your own party boat a cost effective and fun-filled experience, you can opt to rent boats catering for between 30 to 300 people depending on what you plan it for. The rental rates for such party boats will vary depending on the amount of décor, the duration of the rental and of course, the provision of food and beverage.

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