Hotels and Accommodation in Bermuda

In considering your accommodation options, you will need to plan based on the number of days that you will be in Bermuda. There is no necessity to change accommodation while you are there as the island is small and everything is almost a stone's throw away.


The standard type of accommodation for tourists is the hotel. There are so many variations of large and small hotels that dot the Bermuda coastline and almost all of them boast some level of luxury, depending on the size of your wallet. It is common for hotels to have restaurants within them and even spas for that special pampering. Most Bermuda hotels also provide some form of in-house entertainment whether in the form of nightly musical performances, comedies or a host of other entertainment and it is easy to lounge around at the in-house pub for a pint or two in the evenings. As a rule the hotel accommodations are very safe and secure.

A great place to explore the options and prices is Bermuda hotel listing where you will be able to make direct booking as well. What you will need to remember when planning accommodation on the Bermuda is that advanced booking is essential.


There are also hotel accommodations that rank as full-fledged resorts. These have more features such as larger rooms and even suites, some come with private cabanas, and there are a host of other resort benefits including some level of exclusivity in the services that are available. The best source of information for this is the internet and you will be able to explore the different options that are available as well as consider what would fit within your budget. The earlier you book such hotel or resort accommodation, the better the chances of you getting good rates.

Holiday Rentals

An alternative to staying at a hotel is to consider booking a cottage or apartment or guesthouse or even villa for your stay. This would be ideal if you are travelling with your family or a group of friends and would like easy access to each other while being able to enjoy your privacy as a group.

These accommodations usually come fully furnished and with advanced booking, you will have a wider selection to choose from, with many providing awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic and some even come with their own private pools.

These types of accommodation may be rented by the day or the week and some even come with a caretaker so that your basic necessities in terms of maintenance of the rooms and even meals can be arranged. Such accommodations are ideal for communing with each other and when you calculate the costs, you may even find that for a few dollars more, you are getting greater exclusivity.

Budget Accommodations

If you are going to Bermuda on a shoestring budget, then you may have to rule out the normal 4 and 5 star hotels as an option for accommodation but this is not to say that there will be no accommodation available for you. There are many families that provide Bed & Breakfast facilities within their own homes and these are usually small but clean accommodation in a warm and friendly local atmosphere.

If however you are not inclined to spend your holidays in such an environment and privacy is an important component in your requirements, there are also budget hotels available. These often cost less than half the rates that the normal hotels charge, and are classified as 2 or 3 star hotels in Bermuda, and can be appealing. While the accommodation at these facilities may often be more basic and less posh, the fact is that most of them are charming and authentic and have regular clientele coming in from all over the world. The environment at these budget hotels tends to be less formal and these are budget hotels that cater to families as well at very good rates. With a little bit of research, it is possible to find 2 or 3 star hotels that are located near prime beach areas and if you are planning to spend time in the sun and near the sea, this may be ideal.

Guesthouses and inns are also available in Bermuda although they are not reminiscent of the inns that were found in ole’ England. Some of these inns were originally reasonable sized homes that were occupied by the locals and have been spruced up and converted to provide accommodation to individuals and families on holiday. There are up-market guesthouses available and some of these are a sight to behold. Huge rambling bungalows that have been converted into commercial accommodations with wood finishing, antique beds and an old world charm that is irresistible. These however may be a little more expensive than budget accommodations but less than hotels. If you are opting to stay at a guesthouse or inn, you will need to check the difference in rates that include breakfast and those that don’t, and make the decision accordingly.

While food is plentiful in Bermuda, it is important to remember that Bermuda imports everything including its seafood, and therefore eating out may be an expensive affair. This may mean that having the cost of breakfast thrown in with your accommodation will ensure that you can have one reasonably solid meal each day (always check the specifics about the type of breakfast that is offered as part of the package) before meandering off on your explorations. The best times to book in these guesthouses or inns are between November to March each year, when it is not peak season.

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