Hamilton, Bermuda's Capital

As with all capital cities in the world, the City of Hamilton in Bermuda is the centre of everything, although it is one of the smallest capitals in the world. Whether politics, commerce or tourist attractions, the City of Hamilton has its fair share of each. An eclectic mixture of all that is modern and historical, it is possible to gawk at century-old buildings that dot the city and to then become immersed in the vibrant and modern corporate world that seems to blend beautifully into it.

The History of Hamilton

The town of Hamilton, as it was originally known, became the capital in 1815 after relocation from St Georgeís and for the last 200 years, has been not only the official capital but also the military heart of this little island nation. Originally named after Sir Henry Hamilton, the governor from 1786 to 1793, its history is very much a part of its existence.

In 1897, it became the City of Hamilton and central to this development was the consecration of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity that was first completed at that time and then rebuilt and completed in 1911 after it was destroyed by fire in 1884. Remember that the British had a huge role to play in the historical development of this country and many of the structures there, and even some of the cultural attitudes, are reminiscent of this.

Introducing the Modern City of Hamilton

Located on the north of Hamilton Harbour, this main port of Bermuda has a permanent population of about 1000 people only! Bermuda not only thrives in terms of its tourist industry that is always booming whatever the economy, but it also has a strong international financial presence worldwide. Many international companies use Bermuda for offshore financial services which is key to this success. Providing everything from investment funds to financial services in the areas of insurance and reinsurance, this has now formed the largest contributor to the Bermudian economy, and all of this primarily happens in the City of Hamilton.

There are currently about 400 international businesses that are physically based in Bermuda with almost five times more than that registered with the Registrar of Companies in Bermuda.

The port of the City of Hamilton is located in Hamilton Port which is a natural harbor and the place to dock not only if you come into Bermuda by sea, but also for all shipping businesses. Bustling and vibrant, at any one time, there are literally hundreds of vessels docked in Hamilton Port and its nearby areas.

For tourists, the City of Hamilton is a must to spend at least a day in order to enjoy its tourist attractions. These include beautiful and well-preserved churches and the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) with its fabulous collection of artifacts and ocean exhibits. It also has some very pretty parks ideal for picnicking and of course the usual gamut of government buildings that make great photograph backgrounds.

Popular for its variety in terms of restaurants and eateries, it is possible to find everything from casual dining outlets for a quick bite while en route as a tourist to the most up-market and formal fine-dining restaurants that you should go to stylishly decked-out.

Hamilton also serves as the central public transportation hub and transfer point for all the island buses. Therefore, the City of Hamilton may be a good starting point for adventures in Bermuda.

Attractions and Highlights

Between June and November a visit to the City of Hamilton would be incomplete without a visit to the City Market. Selling everything from vegetables to homemade food that is worth sampling, this is the perfect opportunity to try Bermudian honey and lemongrass creams, for a start. It is possible to buy little bits of food for tasting just to get in touch with the local flavor and to immerse yourself with the people of Bermuda, who are warm, friendly and ever so helpful.

There is also the Aquarium for a walk through marine life in Bermuda, the Bermuda Zoo, especially if you have young children in tow, and of course, the shopping. If a holiday away from home is incomplete unless you come home with bags packed with shopping, you will definitely find Bermuda a haven.

In addition to stores on Front Street, Burnaby Street and Queen Street, donít forget to stop by the quaint little stalls set up along the roadside that sell everything from souvenirs to decorations, clothes and food as well. The popular shopping malls are Washington Mall, The Emporium and Bermudiana Arcade.

The nightlife in Bermuda is pretty interesting too. For a little dabble into local culture, a visit to a Bermuda Nights event may be in order. Featuring cultural music and dance performances, the best bands and artists on the island come together to provide entertainment that will leave you enchanted.

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