Diving and Snorkeling in Bermuda

Scuba Diving

If you are a keen diver, then Bermuda offers some of the best options with shallow, reef and wreck diving opportunities easily available. With many wreck diving options to choose from, including shallow wrecks at between 20 to 50 feet, there are also about 400 popular genuine wreck sites to choose from. If you are a history buff as well, then Bermuda is the ideal destination as there are historical wrecks dating from as far back as the 1600ís to the 1930ís to visit. With about 30 regular diving sites popular amongst tourist divers, these will keep you occupied for days on end.

If you would also like to explore the reef, it is possible to reef dive not only to view the natural marine structures. There are also two artificial reefs available for diving Ė the Hermes at 75 feet and the Xing Da at 110 feet and both of these are a sight to behold.

Bermuda rests in the Atlantic ocean and the waters are clear and warm and generally safe for all divers. The best time to plan a diving adventure to Bermuda would be between May to November when the ocean is at its warmest. During this peak period, the dive shops in Bermuda will be able to supply you with the relevant gear, if you donít have your own.

Bermuda Diver

Dive Shops / Dive Operators

Because diving is popular in Bermuda, you will find no end of shops available to provide you with a variety of services. With the exception of the winter months, these dive shops are open on a daily basis and not only provide scuba gear rentals but also provide tips on the best diving sites for reef and wreck diving. For the uninitiated, it is even possible to take diving lessons and have a hands-on guided diving experience. There are also specialist shops for shallow reef diving and if you are travelling in a group, it may be possible to get great group rates as well.

Bell Diving

Bell diving, also known as Helmet diving, is ideal for individuals who cannot swim and want to experience the thrills and adventure of diving safely. Available in Bermuda from April to November each year, it is recommended that you sign up for a cruise that includes helmet diving. These cruises not only allow you to explore Bermuda from a sea perspective but will lead you to an unforgettable experience.

The operators will take you to specific shallow dive locations that are full of marine life where you can actually walk on the sandy sea floor! In order to achieve this, helmet diving requires the instructor to place a heavy steel helmet on your shoulders. This helmet or bell is connected to an air hose on the surface and allows you to breathe comfortably while walking on the sea floor. While the bell dive does not last for very long, it can be an exciting and awe-inspiring experience. Just about anyone can bell dive including young children and the elderly.

Bermuda Coral

Snuba adventures

This is a shallow water diving system that is free of cumbersome diving gear. Snuba diving allows individuals to safely explore the sea even without any prior snorkeling or diving experience and is ideal for people on holiday in Bermuda who want to make a quick decision to dive, but who are concerned about not having experience or even gear to fulfill this requirement. It is however critical that the individual must be able to swim in order to enjoy snuba diving.

Offered by only one dive operator, there is training required that will be provided by the operator as part of the snuba diving package. Once the training process is completed, you will be taken for a guided dive. In Bermuda, there is much to see underwater with a rich coral structure and absolutely amazing marine life.

If you are planning this adventure, it is always advisable to put aside half a day at least, as by the time you complete the training and go out to sea and return, you will find that the hours have gone by very quickly. Snuba diving is also available for children from the age of 8 years and individuals planning to participate in snuba diving should not weight more than 250 pounds.

Snorkeling in Bermuda

Snorkeling in Bermuda is a totally different experience, regardless of where in the world you have been before this. Because of its placement in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and the fact that even at shallow depths there is much to see, including shipwrecks, if you are vacationing in Bermuda, this is a must-do activity.

Popular snorkeling spots include Church Bay on the south shore and if you are not keen to go out by boat for a snorkeling adventure, a visit to John Smithís Bay or West Whale Bay or Tobacco is a must. For the more seaworthy, it is possible to charter a guided boat or if you already have boating skills, to rent a boat for the day to go out to sea to snorkel. However unless you are an experienced seaman, this is not advisable as it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the reefs and an experienced local boatman is always preferred.

Whatever the snorkeling adventure, chances are you will not have an underwater camera but these are easily available for rent. It might be a good idea to consider renting these so that you will have proof of your undersea adventures to show your friends when you get home!

Bermuda Snorkeling

Snorkeling Cruises and Equipment Rental

Snorkeling cruises are available as well. Available from April to November each year, you have a choice of either joining one of the larger cruises which are slightly cheaper but take about 40 people or a smaller cruise of between 10 to 16 passengers, which can be a little more expensive. It depends very much on your personal preference and whether you would like a more private snorkeling experience, or are the sort to socialize and make friends with everyone in which case, the more the merrier!

The bigger cruise boats even provide food and drink as part of the package on these half-day snorkeling adventures and will often take you to some of the more spectacular snorkeling sites. The smaller boats may not have such entertainment facilities on board, but the more private experience of snorkeling with a smaller group may appeal to some.

If you already snorkel, do take your snorkel, fins and mask with you on your holiday but if you havenít done this before, there are dive shops that will rent you the gear for a reasonable hourly or day fee.

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