Bermuda Attractions and Places to Visit

For a little island, there is much to see and do in Bermuda. Whether you are travelling alone or with your mate, or with the family with children in tow, a visit to Bermuda can be memorable and days and nights can be filled with activities that not only consist of lying by the beach and listening to the roar of the ocean.

Spectacular Bermuda Beaches

Much has been said about the splendor of the beaches in Bermuda and this is not to be underestimated. The beautiful pink beaches of Bermuda are a exceptional and there is nothing like it. Great beaches to visit are on Horseshoe Bay and of course on the south shore such as Church Bay and Elbow Beach. If you are interested in a little beach action, then Snorkel Park Beach is probably the best option with lots of water sports and activities. There are many opportunities to lie in the sun and snorkel to your heartís content. and of course, if you are an intrepid diver, Bermuda will be the perfect spot to be.

Bermuda Beach

Places to Visit With The Kids

One of the more popular attractions is the BAMZ, or the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo located in Hamilton Parish. With more than 300 species of birds, reptiles and mammals, and 200 species of fish, it is a popular tourist destination, especially with the children. Another local attraction that is a hit is the Royal Naval Dockyard. Built in the early 19th century, this houses not just the dockyard but also the original naval British base in Sandys Parish. If you want a direct hands-on and memorable experience, a visit to the Dolphin Quest is an absolute must. Come prepared to swim with the dolphins and feed these intelligent creatures their favorite food. A tip is to find out what the feeding times are so that you can be there and be a part of this fascinating experience.

If you havenít had a fill of the marine life, another popular tourist attraction is the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, called the BUEI. This is an instructional visit as it will allow you to understand and explore some of the mysteries of the ocean and there are even hands-on exhibits to help create greater understanding of what goes on under the sea.

Bermuda Crystal Cave

If you would like a little outdoor adventure, a visit to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves might just do the trick. This is a rare opportunity to view the formation of stalactites and stalagmites up close in a guided tour that is informative and interesting. Founded by the Wilkinson family in 1884, the stalactites and stalagmites are more than 30 million years old! You must also not miss a look at the Cahow Lake while you are there.

There are more than 150 caves located in Bermuda with many of them underwater and only for exploration by divers. If you are looking at visiting caves on land, remember to keep a lookout for the amazing crystal formations similar to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves that are a key part of most of the cave structures in Bermuda, although it is thought that the Crystal and Fantasy Caves are the best to visit by far.

Historic Sites

If you happen to visit St George Island, take a little detour to Fort St Catherine for a real feel of what a fort is like, walk up the fortifications and explore the nooks and crannies there. In addition to visiting the fort, you can also view historic exhibits and artifacts that are available. For more visits to forts, it may be useful to know that more than 90 forts have been built on this little island nation since 1612, although some are fairly small. Many are still standing with the opportunity to stand on the ramparts and view what soldiers watched decades ago.

If you are a history buff, a location that is worth a visit is St Peterís Church in St George. This is the oldest Anglican church in the Western hemisphere and a stroll into the church will literally take you back to a bygone era with candlelit chandeliers, cedar beams at the roofing and wide old pillars that have held this structure up for hundreds of years.

More Bermudian history is available in the form of lighthouses that dot the coastline. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is an excellent example of a cast-iron lighthouse and it is the oldest of its kind in the world. This, like many other lighthouses in Bermuda, served as a beacon for ships in the Atlantic Ocean and protected them against washing up on the dangerous reefs that surround Bermuda.

For a little more intimate history, visit the place that Mark Twain spent the last few days of his life in Flatts Village, now a sleepy little town, peaceful and uninterrupted in its history.

How would you like to visit the smallest drawbridge in the world, built in 1620 and located at Sandys Parish? This is a sight to behold Ė to be able to touch and see something that is almost 500 years old is an experience that cannot be measured and will leave you feeling inconsequential in the bigger scheme of things.

Bird-watching for nature lovers

There are also a host of activities for nature lovers. For bird-watchers in particular, the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve will provide you with exposure to the best bird-watching location in Bermuda. Located in Smithís Parish, this 64-acre reserve is lush and serene and if you pay close attention, you will see and hear several species of birds that are not often visible.

Special Places to Visit

If harbors are you passion, then Hamilton Harbor is picture perfect and you will see hundreds of boats bobbing in the Atlantic breeze. Other harbors worth visiting are St George Harbor and Castle Harbor although by far, the Hamilton Harbor has the greatest number of berthed boats.

Bermuda Hamilton Port

For a little look at the arts on Bermuda, take a trip to one of many glasswork factories and see how glass blowing has become an art form on this island. These artisans make beautiful glassware in a multitude of colors and designs right before your eyes, and it can be a breathtaking exercise, although if you have the good fortune to try your hand at it, you will find yourself more breathless than anything else!

Still interested in watching creation must then mean a trip to the Bermuda Perfumery in St George. Considered to be the oldest (1928) and best perfumery in Bermuda, you can actually sniff at the different ingredients that are used to make perfumes and see how the combination of these ingredients create scents that are enchanting. An absolute must if you have children and would like to teach them to value their olfactory senses!

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